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Effective cream against fungus FungaXT

FungaXT cream is intended for the treatment of mycoses in accessible and inaccessible places of the body. The drug FungaXT provides quick relief from the symptoms of fungal infection, and its regular use during the course completely eliminates pathogens.

You can get a healing gel in Spain at the price of 39€ by registering an application on the official website, indicating your name and phone number in the required fields of the form. Hurry up! When ordering a cream for a full course of treatment only today there is a 50% promotional discount.

Fungus destruction with FungaXT cream

The development of fungus on the toes

Fungal infections of the toes are very common in everyday life and special institutions for the care of skin and nails, despite the disinfectant measures taken. Sometimes mycosis can be contracted even in transport, shops or public toilets, not to mention private manicure and pedicure rooms, baths and saunas. Once caught, an infection does not respond to treatment with many well-known and newest drugs, and reduces the quality of life for a long time.

The newly developed cream for the treatment of mycosis of the toes FungaXT radically differs from the existing remedies against mycosis of the feet in effectiveness, speed of action, long-term therapeutic effect and result. What are the characteristics of the successful drug FungaXT for mycosis?

Properties of the cream for the prevention of mycosis FungaXT

The main function of the drug FungaXT from mycosis of the feet is the treatment and prevention of fungus on the toes. Most ingredients have this effect to varying degrees. Together, these properties guarantee the complete destruction of foot fungus and its spores, regardless of their resistance to various antimycotic components.

Other components of FungaXT cream for the treatment and prevention of fungus on the toes are designed to strengthen and soften the skin of the toes and hands, feet, palms. They create a protective film on the walls of the epidermis and the lower layers of the skin, moisturize, strengthen, nourish cells with vitamins and microelements.

FungaXT for mycosis of the feet exists in the form of a cream, which is distinguished by its thickness, degree of hydration, depth and speed of penetration into the skin. Toe fungus gel contains a small addition of micellar water, which additionally cleanses from sebum and accelerates the penetration of medicinal substances.

Awards and certificates FungaXT mycosis remedies

EU quality certificate FungaXT

FungaXT cream for the treatment and prevention of toe fungus has passed clinical trials for use, as evidenced by the presence of international certificates recognized in the world.

In the process of short-term use, the drug FungaXT from mycosis of the legs has already earned awards, prizes, there are 5 diplomas awarded to the author and production team at international pharmaceutical exhibitions.

Composition and mechanism of action of FungaXT cream from mycosis of the feet

The effect of FungaXT cream for the treatment and prevention of mycosis is explained by their natural composition. The components of the FungaXT preparation for the prevention of mycosis of the legs are selected according to the principle of complementary properties, the main of which is the effective elimination of mycosis of the legs. Additional ingredients FungaXT for the prevention of foot fungus relieve inflammation and strengthen the protective functions of the skin, prevent re-infection with foot fungus.

Components of FungaXT cream Latin name Impact effect
Climbazole Climbazole Synthetic fungicide of complex composition, including sulsen. A wide spectrum of action, destroys fungus on the feet, all types of mycoses.
Farnesol Farnesol Unsaturated alcohol of the terpene class, in the composition of natural essential oils. Suppresses the activity of mycosis, cleans from lipids, heals, tones and softens the skin, removes rough areas, corns, cracks on the legs. Has a persistent aroma of lily of the valley.
Peppermint essential oil Mentha piperita Relieves inflammation of the skin of the hands, feet, creates a pleasant sensation and smell, disinfects.
Vitamin E Tocopherol + tocotrienol Fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidant. Softens and regenerates the skin of the legs and hands, forms a protective film on the cell walls, protects against infection.
Propolis Propolis Bee-fermented bud resin of birch, poplar, alder, enhanced with pollen. Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent, antioxidant, fungicide.
Primrose leaf extract Primula vulgaris, folia A source of vitamins of group B, C, micro- and macroelements. It has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effects.
Meadow herbs, tincture - Contains a complex of vitamins and microelements from medicinal herbs, nourishes, disinfects and strengthens the skin of fingers and toes, effectively combats mycosis of the feet.
Licorice root extract Glycyrrhiza glabra, radices Immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, enveloping agent. Protects against the penetration of mycosis of the feet.

Benefits of FungaXT cream for the treatment of toe fungus

The unique complex action of the FungaXT drug to destroy the fungus on the toes, treat inflamed tissues, and prevent re-infection has no analogues among the available modern drugs. for the treatment of mycosis of the feet The advantages of this innovative remedy for the treatment and prevention of mycosis of the feet lie in a number of characteristics:

The undoubted success of using FungaXT cream against foot fungus is explained by the uniqueness of the composition, the composition of which ensures the destruction of foot fungus at all stages of their development, including the spores most resistant to fungicides. The use of a cream from the fungus not only relieves the unpleasant symptoms of fungal infections, but also softens, rejuvenates coarse skin, makes it smooth and elastic, strengthens the local immunity of the skin, it can be used as a prophylaxis for mycosis of the feet.

Reviews about the action of the funds

The presence of numerous reviews of professional dermatologists and grateful patients arouses more and more interest in the remedy for mycoses FungaXT. You can buy an anti-fungus cream in Spain on the manufacturer's official website. To order a medication for mycosis at an affordable price of 39€ — find out the price in other countries, you must register an application with your name and phone number in the appropriate fields.

The manufacturer Spain provides active buyers with a 50% discount when ordering a cream for the prevention of mycosis of the feet for a full month course.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Ricky Ricky
18 years
Fungal lesions of the skin and nails are not uncommon in my 25-year practice. Patients often do not pay attention to the infection and seek help when pain and suppuration appear. I used to recommend harsh fungicides, and for many, these drugs were irritating, with follow-up treatment needed. The drug for mycoses FungaXT in Spain has shown excellent results with regular use. The cream does not give side effects, the treatment is progressive, with daily success. I recommend FungaXT cream in all cases of fungal skin diseases.